Our Value Proposition: Reasons to Invest

Wealth Minerals represents a rare, early-stage opportunity for lithium investment.

Big lithium consumers are looking for lithium in a hurry. Wealth Minerals represents one of the last remaining companies holding an available future lithium supply, particularly in Chile.

Companies that produce lithium batteries, and the chemicals that go into lithium batteries, are buying lithium projects aggressively.

Wealth Minerals is partnered with FLSmidth A/S, a Fortune 500 Company and one of the world’s leading mining engineering firms, for development of the Company’s Ollagüe Salar Lithium exploration project, located in northern Chile.

FLSmidth A/S is engineering more sustainable and efficient lithium extraction methods for the Ollagüe Salar Project.

We’re in a perfect storm for lithium suppliers:
Worldwide shift to electrification, especially in terms of electric vehicles and battery storage.
Limited sources of lithium – most of them spoken for by large consumers.
Battery and critical metals becoming politically/economically crucial and strategic.
Lithium prices have risen over 600% since 2020 and are projected to rise further.
Four companies control 87% of the world’s lithium.

Large mineral holdings in one of the world’s prime lithium-producing regions. Our 50,400- hectare land package across Chile represents one of the world’s last remaining, large-scale lithium portfolios.

Chile is the world’s #2 lithium producer, a world-class jurisdiction and holds over half the world’s lithium sources, with the Atacama Salar producing ~¼ of the world’s lithium supply alone.

Uniquely qualified for lithium opportunities in Chile, access to the automobile industry and German networks/markets.
Strong record of venture funding – over $800 million raised.
Record of shareholder value generation