The Trinity project comprises several land positions located in close proximity to each other.


Historical surface samplings and analysis (signumBOX) suggest a lithium concentration from ~205-290 mg/l Li to ~220-620 mg/l Li at various license areas in the Trinity project.

Salar de Quisquiro

Quisquiro North And South are the Trinity Project, where anticipated future infrastructure and management synergies can help exploit the assets’ lithium potential

Two option agreement gives WML the right to acquire a 100% royalty-free interest in exploration concessions (8,100 hectares) located in and adjacent to the Salar de Quisquiro

Independent analysis published by signumBOX (2014) differentiates the top 15 lithium salars in Chile as Tier 1, 2 or 3. Quisquiro is listed as Tier 1, together with Atacama, Maricunga, Pedernales, and La Isla.

Salars in this Tier 1 category have an expected lithium concentration ranging from 423 mg/l to 1,080 mg/l.